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Who’s running the Egyptian revolution ?

the Great 18 day

In the first few days of the reformation movement,it wasn’t really revolution yet, it was really good, young people going on the streets, having some demands, insisting on them, just for few days

Then the whole egyptian people started to flow in too, having much bigger demand, just one Great demand “ the people want the regime down “ , then ONLY then the revolution started

Much bigger demand, much more pricy but actually was the only way to get any of the 7 demands; the regime ignored the young people demands, and the tyrant Mubarak said “ let them have fun”

When the revolution started, the vast majority of Egyptian were really happy, finally the dream that seemed impossible are coming true, much better than we expected, when I heared people saying that motto, felt ecstatic, may be it would seem weird to none Egyptian but we Egyptian were really in diaspora like jewish even those of us who die(not live) every day in Egypt, it never felt home, “its not ours, its thiers” said my parents, since I was a little kid over and over & over,we always dreamt to have this home some day, we didn’t to look for one, its already here, we just have to fight for it, we weren’t ready to pay the price and it really seemed fairy tale

for the first time I felt I have a home, MY HOME belongs to me, finally we get to do what WE want to do with it, living with dignity, lead healthy happy life, start to support our people at Gaza, being bombarded with bombs for years now, feeling safe, that wasn’t just me, it was all of us, we thought that if the army sided with it will be easy or easier revolution, but we were wrong

The “Big brothers” didn’t really like that, US & the Supreme council of army forces(SCAF), which was formed during the revolution, they had other plans


the fiasco/counter revolution

After the step down of Mubarak charade, we were over the moon, we never thought we could do it that fast, and we didn’t , it seemed as SCAF was really siding with us,

except some incidents, like the black Wednesday where the army didn’t really kill any one but they left people get killed by thugs were sent by the the regime, and except that one or two announce of former intelligence that the army still studying which side they should take,us or Mubarak, and they’ll decide in two days, before the two days are over the black Wednesday happened, it seemed they have decided to take our side; cause the vast majority of the army, officers and soldiers were really part of us, having the same struggles, hopes & dreams

So the Whole army seemed with us, they are except of the Mubarak generals which formed SCAF to try to keep their benefits, the imaginary benefits, they were stealing  for 30 years, they just acted they siding with revolution till they think of something,

They said and we believed them, and again we were wrong

the SCAF : the counter revolution ?

Every thing happened so smoothly or again seemed so,  after the Mubarak steeping down, everything seemed going so fast, dissmantling the parliament, dissmantling the criminal gang, spying organization  so-called National security, every thing seemed so prosperous, we thought we can have an easy revolution like our inspirational revolution the Tunisian revolution, we thought that the remains  of the regime ruled by SCAF is the part running the counter revolution

But again we were wrong, were not doing anything in that depressing movie but being wrong, damn it, but at least this time we partially wrong, this one is new, the regime which we thought falled apart-were wrong again- that is getting boring  & SCAF were part just part  of the counter revolution

the American embassy :

So ? what is the states or the american embbassy has to do with anything ?

Lets start from the beginning, lets get back awhile ago, actually a long time ago, where US ended the WW2, its along time ago but bear with me please, its worth it.

When US bombarded japan with two dirty bombs, not just  killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, but also killed the good, nice America no body remember now,or may you even shocked now to hear that US actually were good once

After that the world said good bye to nice America for ever, they started- the horrific regime of the states, – started from that base terrorizing every body with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, started their own agenda of dominating over every single strategic position in the world, and whats more important than the arab world, countries filled with treasures and its strategic position is worth more than all of it resources combined,

And to their luck, The great England Great is just sarcastic  did all the job and effort of implementing the cancerous entity so-called “ Israel”, American thought as long their country existed over Red indie dead bodies so Israel also have the right to exist on our dead body too, and its going to make the fortunes and much more power so why not support it as long England not a great country any more, the dirty bomb is.

So ever since the states has to do with every single disaster happened in the area

Israel National security

Is actually more important than US national security itself, Israel  want something, the only job US president, US army, US intelligence, US cats and dogs  make it happen,

The 51 state of America is just brat, murderous Nazi-like brat want the-1979 peace treaty to be respected then its an order to Obama and his alike of all European union countries, it doesn’t matter that this treaty is really putting our noses in the muds I don’t know if its actually an English expression but it means humiliation to worst degree in Egypt,

According to this treaty:

  1. we don’t really contol Saini 100 %, they don’t even have official borders.
  2. We don’t  have control over our economy; so they both US & Israel have it, they get wealthier, they feel safer; since we can’t build an strong economy then strong army which can defeat them, like 1973, in the other hand Israel get unlimited funding from US to attack as whenever seems appropriate to them,
  3. We don’t get to practice politics in Universities since the studens in the early seventies had a major rule for pushing for war to get Sainai back, parties which don’t get offical acknowledge, while they get to practice any kind of policy even the extremist win elections in Israel for several years now and no body really sieged them like Gaza or anything
  4. So to have control over a whole country u have to have dogs shares the same interest with u, exchanging benefit with them, give them power and money but neither to extant to defy u and let them do everything more than your wildest imagination
  5. ask them to terrify just terrify they will kill for u, steal million they steal billion, ask them to give u info that helps them insure their “Israel “ security, secure their grib over the country they don’t do that they not that bad after all everything has limits, they refuse infuriating then go form an organization that will be the official spy u don’t even dream of.
  6. Isolate Egypt from the Arab world, The Islamic world & Africa,to weaken Egypt of course  Form an army of thinkers,writers &journalists to brainwash people, make us feel and were not arabs were just Egyptian,pharaohs, but it didn’t work alot of honest thinkers, we owe them everything

After all this isn’t obvious that SCAF and the remains of the regime are not really running the counter revolution but US under zionist supervision, they wont just leave that mine to slip their fingers, its a dog fight


The division

It was supposed to be just another Friday to announce and insist on the demands was announced before 25th Jan and most people forgot it.

Everything was OK until midnight, when the army started attacking people, and of course everybody thought it just Amn-eldawla in army  uniform, there was a lot of contradictions;a lot of people claim to be in Al-qasr Ayni,Tahrir sq. & in front of the parliament says nothing happening, other says the army attacking us.

Until this morning when the army a new statement declared that : ‘ It was an honest mistake ‘ and it ‘wont happen again’.

Its clear that there is division in the army since the Black Wednesday when the army was watching people getting killed and did nothing, of course this division wont just surrender and watch us taking everything from them, they-all of them-The national party,the intelligence, part of the army and of course US & Israel wont just standstill watching us taking their interest and do nothing, It will be a dog fight, very fierce, very difficult, but we can do it,

People should be millions in the streets AT LEAST every Friday, and to be aware and come up with planes to expose the corruption every where, we cant just go on Friday and forget about the revolution all the week, while the Dark forces working without sleep to take back what they think it theirs .

We shouldn’t give up, or be assured everything will be OK without our efforts, its our revolution not the army’s & we should do everything to win including work this 6 months till we very sure everything is really OK,i’m saying this because people started to flow away from the Tahrir sq. and instead of millions there is just thousands, and that gives a message to the regime that we are tired and stopped caring about the revolution.

The Myth of the Arabian danger-1

The definition of national security: Protecting a country from both external & internal threats, and protecting its vital interests.

The national security concept is a term refers to the practical aspect of the definition, that is the country concept about its national security, or the true philosophy that the country follow to accomplish its national security.

Some countries when it comes to its national security amplify the external threats (e.g. Israel), other countries adapt more realistic calm concept (e.g., Sweden, England)

The elements of the Israeli national security:

1. The Israeli aspirations: which is based on colonial rooted deep in the ideological structure and compatible with the western interests and also compatible with rooted in faith-based religious Zionism; due to Israel to the Zionist is the God promise for his messenger, and that from their opinion justify taking what they want in the expense non-Jewish people.

2. The excessive over-shoot in the threats to the state of Israel, followed by exaggeration in security concept and its requirements, and that makes Israel formulate the status of the Middle-East according to its security obsession which is not affected by the Arabian assurance of peace and co-existence; because it is rooted in the heart of Zionist ideology for historical reasons.

This why all and without exception terrorists leaders with bloody history, starting with Ben Gurion founder of gang ‘Haganah’ to Begin the chief of ‘Alouragon’ which is one executed the Der-yasin massacre, then Shamir the leader of ‘shtern’ who was wanted in trial in Britain for crimes of terrorism, and it goes on the vampire ruling the state.

The objective of Israel security is existing of the state, its stability and maintaining it, BUT what country and what boundaries?

How Libya’s tragedy can end?

When Tunisia revolution happened, many people said that can’t happened else where in the Arab world,Tunisia is different  but it did happened in Egypt, and people also said it wont happened else where, but its happening now in Libya, but indeed in Libya it is different,

Its of course like all Arab countries, if it doesn’t suffer from poverty, it suffer from corruption, and lack sovereignty, where US can control everything they doing, and can’t move a finger with out their permission,

But Libya is different in whom its governed by, AL-Gaddafi is not just another dictator, but as all people saw one of the craziest persons a live, and when the army refused to shot his own people, he fired them and hired mercenaries to do the job

A lot  of people thinking that this revolution wont end, and the remaining people after all this massacre will surrender after exhausting, but those people don’t really know anything about revolutions, don’t know how much people power can do,

So, what Libyan need to do is stick together and let their differences aside for now  &  Be patient, they need more patient and Steadfast and faith more than we needed in our Egyptian and also Tunisian revolution

And also they need our prayers and help, so anyone can get them medicine or food or anything else just call one of these numbers:   0122227399//01515875134

And of course if u r Egyptian, there is tomorrow Friday in Tahrir Sq. there will be a solidarity protest for our brothers there.

God may help them.