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Together we stand



Resistance Friday

The 8th of June, tomorrow
We all have to gather at Tahrir sq.
At 1 pm, we will start moving from all mosques and churches
Our legitimate demands are:
1.acceleration of trial of Mubarak & his corrupted regime publicly
2.prosecuting all the corrupted police forces quickly to bring justice to all 25 revolution martyrs
3.stop military trials for civilian immediately
4.reviewing all the laws that was made WITHOUT the public consent
5.stop interfering in freedom of press
& full freedom of strikes and protests
6.purifying all ministries from the ex regime men and ending the local councils
7.national consensus on the principles of making new constitution

We all Egyptians won’t stop fighting till we get all freedom we deserve,
All our rights that our martyrs scarified their life for.
Long live for FREE EGYPT