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Omar Elbahary In military jail

So what really happened in Saturday dawn Feb.26/2011?

Some people insisted to protest in front of the parliament, demanding it to be  disbanded because the last election was outrageously forged, and when they were doing so the military police attacked them arresting a lot of them,

Next day the military council announced that all the 27 people was arrested gonna be released, but just waking up today i read in Nawara blog that one of them is in military jail after he been Applied for the military court,convected and put in military jail in ” 4 days”

A civilian applied for military court, held accountable & get convected in 4 days, without attorney, without his family knowing that he’s being applying for court, and he now have to spend 5 years, 5 whole years in jail.

According to some witness he was just protesting peacefully in front of the parliament with his friends and wife,and some soldiers started to beat him roughly,and when Dr.Swaif the witness and some other insisted they wont go without him,some officer ordered the soldier to release him,the people tried to take him to a hospital but the military police stopped their car and arrested all of them,

After a day from the incident, all of them were released but they didn’t know anything about Omar,

And later we hear that he was convicted of having a gun, but no body so any gun with him.

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