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boycott Mobile Co. in Egypt

After they cut off the connections on the revolution days,

and so many people died because no body was able to call

ambulance cars, so we boycott them and maybe sue them

one day for what they did.


خد معاك خمسه يقولو: لأ

قول لأ

لأ طريق الديمقراطيه..نعم سكة الي يروح مايرجعش

why should we vote?

That video above of course wasn’t made for us, but it suite us very much, we finally after 60 years of dictatorship WE CAN VOTE, our voice will be heard, no body will be able forge the results of the referendum as always, the result wont be 99% as it was in the last 60 years,

no matter what you believe in, whether u gonna vote YES or NO, just vote, your voice counts, its very important, if you didn’t vote don’t blame any one if you didn’t like the result,

if you didn’t vote i don’t wanna hear u complaining like old helpless women,  if u don’t care about politics, if u don’t care about voting, then u don’t care how ur life is running,who’s controlling your life for u

If you won’t vote for yourself, VOTE for the people who died for you, so u can control your life, do it as honoring them.

They died for this,whether u believe in the Revolution or not, people died,other their lives been destroyed,just for u, so please don’t ignore your right your sacred right in VOTING.

Libya, where it going?

Almost a month now and the Libyan revolution is still on,thousands of deaths and more injured,

and World Food Program is crying for people to help rebels from starving because the Criminal Gaddafi thugs banned some food ship from entering Libya’s borders, and forced it to turn back.

The UN called for cut of aids to Libya but that wont affect Gaddafi or his thugs, it will only affect the Heroes trying to get their country back.

What can we do to help?

ليه في ناس زعلانه على حسحس

الفيديو ده بيفسر ليه في ناس متعاطفه مع حسني مبارك بعد كل عملوا فينا بجد جامد آخر حاجه

معلش بأه ياجماعه طلعوا مرضى ومحتاجين علاج

Iran Revolution vs. Egypt Revolution

This video above is part of the french movie Persepolis, its about the Iranian revolution,where the Islamist  took over the power in the country.

A lot of people in Egypt and of course most of the western countries fears of another Islamic country in the region.

I in the other hand don’t think too much about the Islamic danger-though the fears in theory is not outreach- but we should care more about the counter the revolution as it really going right now not just in fears and theories

In contrary we shouldn’t think too much about what happened in Iran not just in70’s but also in the 50’s; when the Iranian people throw the Shah out of his power and his ally US as usual tried and succeed to get’em back as if nothing happened

That doesn’t mean that US will be that obvious this time too,It will try to come with a solution that won’t be offensive to Egyptians,

  1. make the revolution as long as it takes so people get tired and the revolution is lost
  2. Come up with solution that fix the economy and fight corruption so the people forget that the revolution wasn’t just about ” Money”, and control the country as they wish as they doing in US itself,where they control the media and convince American that they live in the free world and they have too much freedom that they can spread all over the world it would excess.

Of course the last solution specifically would be through some of the people like Omar Mousa that some people think he’s good because he disagreed with Mubarak ” ONCE” and he talk,”talk” not “DO” well.

We should be aware that democracy needs guarding all the time,need aware people esp. here in the Arab world & of course in Egypt, need people to think  a lot, not to believe sweet Talk.

If any body think US & Israel gonna watch us taking the country from them,please think again

They wont ever stop,they will be devious and sneaky as much as they can,and we should always remember that.

And to people who are still worried about Islamic rule, don’t worry Egypt is totally different from Iran and Islamic rule won’t exist, and any kind of rule that Egyptian won’t control the country including the external affairs 100% won’t happened ever either.