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Another atrocity On Gaza

Yesterday was one another day in a row in Gaza tragedy, Israeli army targeted civilians deliberately as usual and killed 4 and injured 10 other including children all in one family,

The Israeli army onslaught  Five mortar artillery targeting the house of Fayeq Elhelw in east of Gaza

Hamas denied that the attack could be targeting armed Palestinians because all the victims was civilians, and announced that Hamas tried to contain the situation but the occupation insisted on continuing its atrocities

Abo Zuhri the spoksman of Hamas  condemned the Germen and British attitude which gave the occupation the right to kill when it was justifying the onslaught on Gaza

Hamas said that the offensive came after the Statements of Levni that insist on crushing Hamas even if it meant  killing Palestinian people

Abo Zuhri said that those attacks made Hamas more insisting on making the reconciliation work, and invited Fath to deep conversation for the success of Abass visit.