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our demands un- check

One of our demands is a technocratic gov, did we really got this demand?

our demands

our demands

After the second government in the revolution took over with Esam Sharaf as prime minister who was with the revolution from the begining and went on some demos himself,
We were very glad he’s in charge now, after the resignation of Shafiq the man who was hired by Mubarak & one of his followers as he always said proudly:” I’m Mubarak student.”

But is the prime minister is enough?
How can we trust that a gov half of it tbelongs to the national party -the ruling party in Mubarak days- will demolish the regime they just couple of months
Were protecting with thier lives

after 4 months we still didn’t accomplish any of the demands except the 1st 2,

So, is the technocratic gov really check?