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The Myth of the Arabian danger-1

The definition of national security: Protecting a country from both external & internal threats, and protecting its vital interests.

The national security concept is a term refers to the practical aspect of the definition, that is the country concept about its national security, or the true philosophy that the country follow to accomplish its national security.

Some countries when it comes to its national security amplify the external threats (e.g. Israel), other countries adapt more realistic calm concept (e.g., Sweden, England)

The elements of the Israeli national security:

1. The Israeli aspirations: which is based on colonial rooted deep in the ideological structure and compatible with the western interests and also compatible with rooted in faith-based religious Zionism; due to Israel to the Zionist is the God promise for his messenger, and that from their opinion justify taking what they want in the expense non-Jewish people.

2. The excessive over-shoot in the threats to the state of Israel, followed by exaggeration in security concept and its requirements, and that makes Israel formulate the status of the Middle-East according to its security obsession which is not affected by the Arabian assurance of peace and co-existence; because it is rooted in the heart of Zionist ideology for historical reasons.

This why all and without exception terrorists leaders with bloody history, starting with Ben Gurion founder of gang ‘Haganah’ to Begin the chief of ‘Alouragon’ which is one executed the Der-yasin massacre, then Shamir the leader of ‘shtern’ who was wanted in trial in Britain for crimes of terrorism, and it goes on the vampire ruling the state.

The objective of Israel security is existing of the state, its stability and maintaining it, BUT what country and what boundaries?