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boycott Mobile Co. in Egypt

After they cut off the connections on the revolution days,

and so many people died because no body was able to call

ambulance cars, so we boycott them and maybe sue them

one day for what they did.


ليلة القبض على امن الدوله

اللي حصل يوم 6 مارس



Omar Elbahary In military jail

So what really happened in Saturday dawn Feb.26/2011?

Some people insisted to protest in front of the parliament, demanding it to be  disbanded because the last election was outrageously forged, and when they were doing so the military police attacked them arresting a lot of them,

Next day the military council announced that all the 27 people was arrested gonna be released, but just waking up today i read in Nawara blog that one of them is in military jail after he been Applied for the military court,convected and put in military jail in ” 4 days”

A civilian applied for military court, held accountable & get convected in 4 days, without attorney, without his family knowing that he’s being applying for court, and he now have to spend 5 years, 5 whole years in jail.

According to some witness he was just protesting peacefully in front of the parliament with his friends and wife,and some soldiers started to beat him roughly,and when Dr.Swaif the witness and some other insisted they wont go without him,some officer ordered the soldier to release him,the people tried to take him to a hospital but the military police stopped their car and arrested all of them,

After a day from the incident, all of them were released but they didn’t know anything about Omar,

And later we hear that he was convicted of having a gun, but no body so any gun with him.

Spread the word as much as u can.

The division

It was supposed to be just another Friday to announce and insist on the demands was announced before 25th Jan and most people forgot it.

Everything was OK until midnight, when the army started attacking people, and of course everybody thought it just Amn-eldawla in army  uniform, there was a lot of contradictions;a lot of people claim to be in Al-qasr Ayni,Tahrir sq. & in front of the parliament says nothing happening, other says the army attacking us.

Until this morning when the army a new statement declared that : ‘ It was an honest mistake ‘ and it ‘wont happen again’.

Its clear that there is division in the army since the Black Wednesday when the army was watching people getting killed and did nothing, of course this division wont just surrender and watch us taking everything from them, they-all of them-The national party,the intelligence, part of the army and of course US & Israel wont just standstill watching us taking their interest and do nothing, It will be a dog fight, very fierce, very difficult, but we can do it,

People should be millions in the streets AT LEAST every Friday, and to be aware and come up with planes to expose the corruption every where, we cant just go on Friday and forget about the revolution all the week, while the Dark forces working without sleep to take back what they think it theirs .

We shouldn’t give up, or be assured everything will be OK without our efforts, its our revolution not the army’s & we should do everything to win including work this 6 months till we very sure everything is really OK,i’m saying this because people started to flow away from the Tahrir sq. and instead of millions there is just thousands, and that gives a message to the regime that we are tired and stopped caring about the revolution.

شيل كفنك واحفر قبرك وانزل التحرير