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How Libya’s tragedy can end?

When Tunisia revolution happened, many people said that can’t happened else where in the Arab world,Tunisia is different  but it did happened in Egypt, and people also said it wont happened else where, but its happening now in Libya, but indeed in Libya it is different,

Its of course like all Arab countries, if it doesn’t suffer from poverty, it suffer from corruption, and lack sovereignty, where US can control everything they doing, and can’t move a finger with out their permission,

But Libya is different in whom its governed by, AL-Gaddafi is not just another dictator, but as all people saw one of the craziest persons a live, and when the army refused to shot his own people, he fired them and hired mercenaries to do the job

A lot  of people thinking that this revolution wont end, and the remaining people after all this massacre will surrender after exhausting, but those people don’t really know anything about revolutions, don’t know how much people power can do,

So, what Libyan need to do is stick together and let their differences aside for now  &  Be patient, they need more patient and Steadfast and faith more than we needed in our Egyptian and also Tunisian revolution

And also they need our prayers and help, so anyone can get them medicine or food or anything else just call one of these numbers:   0122227399//01515875134

And of course if u r Egyptian, there is tomorrow Friday in Tahrir Sq. there will be a solidarity protest for our brothers there.

God may help them.