From the occupied Egyptian territories

Since the end of the monarchy in 1952 and Egypt being ruled by army officers, we don’t really elect them, or have the right the express our thoughts even about what they do, some time they ask us but apparently they just always deaf, they don’t hear, they think silence means consent, so they do whatever they want, that was for the past 60 years, so have this changed this time ? , since we made a revolution, shouldn’t this time be different ?
who CAN rule Egypt ?

1. He should be peaceful man, doesn’t even think of adjusting the peace treaty with Israel, support the peace in middle east,Africa
2. He should be a role model, so other countries would follow his lead in peace and acknowledging dividing Sudan
3.He should be commited man, commited to the international obligations, esp. freedom of navigation in Sues canal
4. He should be liberal, NOT social liberal which fight for people right to live in dignity, but new liberal, support the complete control of the businessmen US made them to help Egypt,we all know US is really good country
5. He should comply with anything US & Israel want, it doesn’t really matter if he islamist or not as long he’s friend of the states, keep the whold old regime as it is, corrupt judiciary system, corrupt disgusting media
that was the American president description for Egypt, we sholdn’t elect any one doesn’t fit the discriptions above
The SCAF constitution announcement
After the constitution announcement that was declared by SCAF yesterday,it doesn’t really matter who comes, or if he fits any of the qualifications above,

SCAF fits the discription very well, it already exist and doing everything US & Israel wants.
Nothing gonna happened now SCAF/US/Israel doesn’t want it to happened.
so who’s the president of egypt ? its Tantawy SCAF head
did it change since we made great revolution? yes of course but for worse, way much worse

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