From the occupied Egyptian territories

Our demands Since the revolution begun, and it still the same since neither the government nor SCAF listen to us:

1. A technocratic government WITHOUT ANY OF LAST REGIME MEN.

2. NEW constitution, NOT repairing the old one, ITS NOT A CAR FOR GOD SAKE.

3. END OF THE EMERGENCY STATE, enough is enough, we don’t care what the country going throw right now, it’s irrelevant.

4. Ending the state security “Amn El-dawla”, and putting all of its thugs in PRISON, they criminal how they will be distributed to any other security forces.

5.Putting Mubarak and his thugs in prison, and see if any of them deserve execution, many does, AND NO AMNESTY,AND TRANSPARENT, PUBLIC TRIAL


6.Independent jurisdiction to hold corruption accountable.


8.FREE election

9.Last but MOST IMPORTANT, freedom to all prisoners of conscience “Political prisoners“, whether they rotting in jail for years, or great SCAF trialed them a military trials.

10.CIVIL interior minister, the one in power now not really working and suspicious, and in past all good interior minister were civilian, and ministry is political position not security position.

A lot of Egyptians don’t agree on the coming part, but i and a lot other think its very important, and i think most of who don’t agree will find it very necessary with time:

A “Civil presidential council”, and i insist on the “CIVIL”; because i don’t find any good reason why should any military officer should run a country, we tried this for the past 60 years, and of course u can see where that lead us, if u don’t know 2 other revolutions after the one officer blew it.

CIVIL council will gave the emerging new parties to take place, since now we don’t have any good parties to be in power, just the “cartoonish” referring to the parties the falling regime played them  like marionette,

Or Muslims brotherhood, who ever be in power, it should be a strong opposition to it, unless we want weak democracy.



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