From the occupied Egyptian territories

this revolution was made so we gain control over all Egypt again, to take it back from US & Israel, to have a complete sovereignty over our own home,
One of our demands is to open Rafah crossing, after 4 years siege around Gaza, the one horrific siege that was supported by the monster dictator Husni Mubarak,
No that he’s gone forever no body knows why the crossing not opened yet, or why it’s not opened appropriately…
Some say there is pressure on SCAF not to open the border by US & Israel , because they don’t wanna end the seige

So ? What we gonna do? What we should do to fulfill our demands as WE want it, not according to what other want

More pressure, I think we should gather as we did in the first 18 days of the revolution so we can accomplish what we want, nothing else gonna work.


Comments on: "Our demands,really check 3 ?" (2)

  1. I have seen something alike about this point of view. But it seems your’s is unique and best.

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