From the occupied Egyptian territories


The 3rd demand as you can see in the pic is a new constitution, one that represent and convey all our hopes and dreams,

But after a stupid show of the referendum
the one got us all fight about it, wether to agree or not, and after people said yes, the SCAF just ignored that and did what the wanted,they put all the improved articles of the constitution general announcement of the constitution,

till now every thing is OK, till u get the point that they put also a lot of the articles that give the next president not far less than Mubarak powers & authorities

U can claim as much as u want that now no president will be another Pharaoh, but
Why put it in the first place?


Comments on: "Our demands, uncheck ?" (1)

  1. بعد التحية ..
    تم اضافة مدونتكم هذة الى ـ مدونون بلا قيود ـ
    وسوف ننشر مواجز وروابط لكل تدويناتكم خلال نصف ساعة من نشركم لها
    ولكم فائق الحرية و الاحترام ,,,
    FAQ. للإستفسار

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