From the occupied Egyptian territories



One of our demands is to suit the killers, our executioners, our oppressors
the people who didn’t stop torturing us for the past 30 years,

Some of them fled since the revolution started, some are now in jail, being suit for financial,political & criminal charges.
A lot think its just a charade, just because people insisted on going to Sharm where the ex-president were living like kings,
and after they put Safwat Elsherref, Azmy Beshara, Fathy Soroor, Gamaal & Alaa Mubarak in jail, 
people started to wonder why they did’t put Suzan Mubarak the first lady of Egypt in custody too.
After some pressure they did, and after few days she got out after turning few millions,

You can imaging how frustrated we are, we were crushed by the news, it felt to bitter to know that 
the snake wife got away with what she did, and that mean of course that she wont be the only one to buy her freedom with money, with our stolen money

So? do you still think our demand fulfilled ?


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