From the occupied Egyptian territories

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June 14 2011 | Last updated

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Dear Mr President,
Forgive us if we have overstepped our limits in conveying our advice, because it only stems from our concern for Syria — a country rich in history, important in its role and geographical position — and from our fear of the potential loss of the legacy of a young reformist leader, who had been a source of optimism in the region at a complex period, especially in the ‘Fertile Crescent’.
Syria borders troubled Iraq, a vicious Israeli occupation of Palestine, Lebanon’s clashing sects, the resurgence of new Ottomanism, a stoic and unresponsive Egypt, and an Iranian expansion — politically, socially and strategically.
In the wake of the recent uprisings and calls for reforms from the Arab youth, we thought that the likes of you, Mr President, will take the initiative in carrying out reforms and face up to the inevitable outcome that his current regime had been unceasingly avoiding for many decades under the banner and pretence of resistance and defiance.

We thought that Syria would be able to overcome the events in Daraa and quickly address the lack of freedoms and the supremacy of the security mentality. And to address the lingering questions about the myths of the absolute leader and the one and only ruling party. Lessons can be drawn from the experience of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussain and his Baath party.


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