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Our demands,really check 3 ?

this revolution was made so we gain control over all Egypt again, to take it back from US & Israel, to have a complete sovereignty over our own home,
One of our demands is to open Rafah crossing, after 4 years siege around Gaza, the one horrific siege that was supported by the monster dictator Husni Mubarak,
No that he’s gone forever no body knows why the crossing not opened yet, or why it’s not opened appropriately…
Some say there is pressure on SCAF not to open the border by US & Israel , because they don’t wanna end the seige

So ? What we gonna do? What we should do to fulfill our demands as WE want it, not according to what other want

More pressure, I think we should gather as we did in the first 18 days of the revolution so we can accomplish what we want, nothing else gonna work.


Our demands, really check?



One of our demands is to suit the killers, our executioners, our oppressors
the people who didn’t stop torturing us for the past 30 years,

Some of them fled since the revolution started, some are now in jail, being suit for financial,political & criminal charges.
A lot think its just a charade, just because people insisted on going to Sharm where the ex-president were living like kings,
and after they put Safwat Elsherref, Azmy Beshara, Fathy Soroor, Gamaal & Alaa Mubarak in jail, 
people started to wonder why they did’t put Suzan Mubarak the first lady of Egypt in custody too.
After some pressure they did, and after few days she got out after turning few millions,

You can imaging how frustrated we are, we were crushed by the news, it felt to bitter to know that 
the snake wife got away with what she did, and that mean of course that she wont be the only one to buy her freedom with money, with our stolen money

So? do you still think our demand fulfilled ?

gulfnews : A letter to President Al Assad

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June 14 2011 | Last updated

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Dear Mr President,
Forgive us if we have overstepped our limits in conveying our advice, because it only stems from our concern for Syria — a country rich in history, important in its role and geographical position — and from our fear of the potential loss of the legacy of a young reformist leader, who had been a source of optimism in the region at a complex period, especially in the ‘Fertile Crescent’.
Syria borders troubled Iraq, a vicious Israeli occupation of Palestine, Lebanon’s clashing sects, the resurgence of new Ottomanism, a stoic and unresponsive Egypt, and an Iranian expansion — politically, socially and strategically.
In the wake of the recent uprisings and calls for reforms from the Arab youth, we thought that the likes of you, Mr President, will take the initiative in carrying out reforms and face up to the inevitable outcome that his current regime had been unceasingly avoiding for many decades under the banner and pretence of resistance and defiance.

We thought that Syria would be able to overcome the events in Daraa and quickly address the lack of freedoms and the supremacy of the security mentality. And to address the lingering questions about the myths of the absolute leader and the one and only ruling party. Lessons can be drawn from the experience of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussain and his Baath party.

Our demands, uncheck ?


The 3rd demand as you can see in the pic is a new constitution, one that represent and convey all our hopes and dreams,

But after a stupid show of the referendum
the one got us all fight about it, wether to agree or not, and after people said yes, the SCAF just ignored that and did what the wanted,they put all the improved articles of the constitution general announcement of the constitution,

till now every thing is OK, till u get the point that they put also a lot of the articles that give the next president not far less than Mubarak powers & authorities

U can claim as much as u want that now no president will be another Pharaoh, but
Why put it in the first place?

our demands un- check

One of our demands is a technocratic gov, did we really got this demand?

our demands

our demands

After the second government in the revolution took over with Esam Sharaf as prime minister who was with the revolution from the begining and went on some demos himself,
We were very glad he’s in charge now, after the resignation of Shafiq the man who was hired by Mubarak & one of his followers as he always said proudly:” I’m Mubarak student.”

But is the prime minister is enough?
How can we trust that a gov half of it tbelongs to the national party -the ruling party in Mubarak days- will demolish the regime they just couple of months
Were protecting with thier lives

after 4 months we still didn’t accomplish any of the demands except the 1st 2,

So, is the technocratic gov really check?