From the occupied Egyptian territories

That video above of course wasn’t made for us, but it suite us very much, we finally after 60 years of dictatorship WE CAN VOTE, our voice will be heard, no body will be able forge the results of the referendum as always, the result wont be 99% as it was in the last 60 years,

no matter what you believe in, whether u gonna vote YES or NO, just vote, your voice counts, its very important, if you didn’t vote don’t blame any one if you didn’t like the result,

if you didn’t vote i don’t wanna hear u complaining like old helpless women,  if u don’t care about politics, if u don’t care about voting, then u don’t care how ur life is running,who’s controlling your life for u

If you won’t vote for yourself, VOTE for the people who died for you, so u can control your life, do it as honoring them.

They died for this,whether u believe in the Revolution or not, people died,other their lives been destroyed,just for u, so please don’t ignore your right your sacred right in VOTING.


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