From the occupied Egyptian territories

The definition of “revolution” by Samuel P. Huntington: “a rapid, fundamental, and violent domestic change in the dominant values and myths of a society, in its political institutions, social structure, leadership, and government activity and policies.”

But this definition lack the time factor, actually  accomplishing a revolution take years, to wipe out the dictatorship from its roots,

after Mubarak left the power every body started celebrating, while we all need to work hard to make his allies go with him, or rather sent to prison.

whether you trust the army or not, the relationship between the governors and the people shouldn’t based on trust, people should: 1.make demands

2. insist on them(make protests, etc.)   until the governor obey

3. monitor every single move the governor do, no matter how much they really good; cause people in

power can’t be good without monitoring, without knowing people will punish them severely.

I really hope people wont forget that ” the revolution is not over”


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