From the occupied Egyptian territories

Dear sisters & brothers citizens,

On the 11th/Feb/2011 The most stubborn, arrogant president ever left the power to Egyptian army. after he made the people suffer for 30 years esp. the 18 days of the revolution.

The news was announced by his one-week vice president, while he look like some one spit at his face, he really looked like somebody died.

And Egyptian started fireworks just after the announcement, and the liberation sq. literary exploded with happiness.

And the scientists announced that they saw the sun for the first time from Egypt.

Enjoy your time in KSA HUS HUS, u , Suzy  & Gemy, good luck Gemy on finding another country to rule, oops to steel and to put ur complexes on their people.

longue vie à l’Egypte


Comments on: "The first morning in Egypt" (2)

  1. Curmudgeon said:

    Egyptians built the pyramids, now build a strong democracy and keep it free from Kings and Pharoahs.
    Breathe free at last. Americans are quite pleased for you. Now you must keep this precious freedom and not let it become another form of tyranny as Iran did; as our govt. has slowly done for the last 100 years. Don’t take Change for the sake of Change as we did 2 years ago, know what kind of change you have. I was amazed to hear the Egyptian revolution took place 32 years to the day after the Iranians threw out the Shah. Will Freedom now start in Iran, or will tyranny with a different face come to Egypt. ?

    • adsabry said:

      don’t worry, Egypt wont be another Iran, we paid huge price to be free we wont do as Iranian and let it slip from our hands
      thank you

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