From the occupied Egyptian territories


The president slapped us with one of his off the wall,senseless speeches which look like a kid in elementary school wrote for an Arabic exam, and even a 10 years old kid can write  speech that say something, anything but lying and humbug like he always does, i was really astonished that a lot of Egyptian was very emotional and they did believe’em like he never lied to them before, but to be honest he was really good actor, and a very bad planner; that it didn’t take a couple of hours so he cab sabotage what he finally gained, Egyptians trust.

Wednesday :

The whole country was shocked to see the slaughter in the Tahrir square, a very stupid move from the National democratic party to demolish the revolution, and the dimwit party thought that it would be easy to do and get ride of the headache forever, it was really very in grief day i felt  down like i didn’t do before, i saw the future more dark than ever, but God bless them the freedom fighter didn’t give up with all around them dismaying them, they are true heroes.


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