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And the revolts go on

On the third day and in contrarily of what most people thought  the revolts still going on, though a lot of the protesters went back home but a lot still fighting, And 6 of April movement announced that tomorrow” Friday of anger”  after the prayer


The Palestine paper

Another betrayal in the Arab leaders, the Palestinian negotiators almost gave away even the cloth they wear, as they say for sake of peace, but they didn’t even ask the people they claim to represent and  negotiate in behalf of.

One of the document says:” The Israeli side refused to engage on the basis of the 1967 line or to accept the principle of a swap—and it was clear that they had no mandate to do so.  They also insisted that the border in Jerusalem be excluded from the work of the territory committee.  However, there was no discussion of the eastern border, including the fate of the Jordan Valley”

Another document talk about the Plenary meetings on territory , and as Al-jazeera transparency said:”  There is concern that the Israeli side is trying to drag out the process and procrastinate.”

As shameless people always do the Palestine Authority claims that all this document are lies, and just smear campaign, who told you that your reputation is really good, how told you there is still any Arabian believes you? all Arabian knows that you sold the cause many years ago, don’t worry your reputation is not being given a black eye, its been  teared down along time ago.

Al-wafd chief party

Al-said Al-badawy sinking deeper and deeper every day, he’s insisting on finishing his political life even before it started, his mission is to lose all respect of Egyptian, no Arabian nation, believe me mission accomplished, every body had some hope in you had lost every single spic of it when you bought dostor newspaper, STOP IT NOW,we got it, the message is received, YOU ARE DESPICABLE RAT, even calling you a rat is degenerating the rats.

The cold response

Podcasting now on the Almehwar TV channel, Safwat Elshireef talking to 90 minutes. disparaging  the protesters and alleging that their some vile,damaging names behind the protest like the Muslim brotherhood and well known names as he called it, and he challenge that they being used and brainwashed .

He was very haughty and bet on, they – the national democratic party- still think its just the 100000 on the street, that just the beginning, its not just them we all gonna follow soon.

مصر تهتف ضد مبارك .. هتافات ساخنه جداً

YouTube – مصر تهتف ضد مبارك .. هتافات ساخنه جداً vs Mubarak.

The protesters demands

Unexpectedly, a lot of  Egyptian joined the protest yesterday,about 100000, their demand are many

  1. ask for the president Mubarak to leave
  2. that won’t be a inherit for his son
  3. get ride of the entire political system
  4. demands the lowest limit for wages

i hope it will Success, but i don’t think so, this will be a start but how can stand in the street for years? it won’t be like Tunisia, but it will succeed at the end

whats going in Tahrir square

2 young men had died yesterday Soliman Saber Ali, 31, and Mostafa Reda Abdelfattah, 20. this outrageous crime was of course committed by the  Egyptian police force after the minister of interior said that police will disperse the people in altahrir square, the police started firing rubber bullets,Insert water cannons,tear gas, beating the protesters