From the occupied Egyptian territories

This email was sent to me by AL-AWDA-Egypt, I wanted to share it with you, spread it as much as u can

These misconceptions are spread by the American media.

1. Israeli hawks represent themselves as engaged in a ‘peace process’ with the Palestinians in which Hamas refuses to join. In fact, Israel has refused to cease colonizing and stealing Palestinian land long enough to engage in fruitful negotiations with them. Tel Aviv routinely announces new, unilateral house-building on the Palestinian West Bank [3]. There is no peace process. It is an Israeli and American sham. Talking about a peace process is giving cover to Israeli nationalists who are determined to grab everything the Palestinians have and reduce them to penniless refugees (again).

2. Actions such as the assault on Gaza can achieve no genuine long-term strategic purpose. They are being launched to ensure that Jewish-Israelis are the first to exploit key resources. Rattling sabers at the Palestinians creates a pretext for further land-grabs and colonies on Palestinian land. That is, the military action against the people of Gaza is a diversion tactic; the real goal is Greater Israel, an assertion of Israeli sovereignty [4] over all the territory once held by the British Mandate of Palestine.

3. Israeli hawks represent their war of aggression as in ‘self-defense.’ But the UK Israeli chief rabbi admitted on camera that that the Gaza attack actually ‘had something to do with Iran.’ [5]

4. Israeli hawks demonize the Palestinians of Gaza as “bad neighbors” who don’t accept Israel. But 40% of the people in Gaza are refugees, mostly living in refugee camps, from families in pre-1948 Palestine that had lived there for millennia.

They were expelled from what is now Israel in the 1948 Zionist ethnic cleansing campaign

[6]. Israelis are now living in their homes and farming their land, and they were never paid any reparations for the crimes done to them.[pdf] “Israel’s failure to provide reparations to Palestinian refugees over the past six decades is in blatant violation [7] of international law.” Israel does not accept Palestine’s right to exist, even though it is constantly demanding that everyone, including the displaced and occupied Palestinians, recognize Israel’s right to exist.

5. Israeli hawks and their American clones depict Gaza as a foreign, hostile state with which Israel is at war. In fact, the Gaza strip is a small territory of 1.7 million people militarily occupied by Israel [8] (something in which the UN and other international bodies concur). Israelis do not allow it to have a port or airport, nor to export most of what it produces. Palestinians cannot work about a third of its land, which is reserved by Israel as a security buffer. As an occupied territory, it is covered by the Hague Regulations of 1907 and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 on the treatment of occupied populations by their military occupier. Indiscriminate bombing of occupied territories by the occupier is clearly illegal in international law.

6. Israeli hawks see themselves as innocent victims of bewildering Palestinian rage from Gaza. But Israel not only has kept Palestinians of Gaza in the world’s largest outdoor penitentiary, they have them under an illegal blockade [9] that for some years aimed at limiting their nutrition without altogether starving them to death. I wrote earlier:
“The food blockade had real effects. About ten percent of Palestinian children in Gaza under 5 [10] have had their growth stunted by malnutrition. A recent report [pdf] by Save the Children and Medical Aid for Palestinians found that [11], in addition, anemia is widespread, affecting over two-thirds of infants, 58.6 percent of schoolchildren, and over a third of pregnant mothers. “
If any foreign power surrounded Israel, destroyed Haifa port and Tel Aviv airport, and prevented Israeli exports from being exported, what do you think Israelis would do? Oh, that’s right, it is rude to see both Palestinians and Israelis as equal human beings.

7. Israeli hawks demonize the Palestinian residents of Gaza as followers of Hamas, a party-militia of the Muslim religious right. But half of Palestinians in Gaza are minors, who never voted for Hamas and cannot be held collectively responsible for that party.

8. Israeli hawks justify their aggression on the Palestinians on grounds of self-defense. But Israel is a country of 7.5 million people with tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, helicopter gunships and F-16s and F-18s, plus 400 nuclear warheads. Gaza is a small occupied territory of 1.7 million which has no heavy weaponry, just some old guns and some largely ineffectual rockets. (Israelis cite hundreds of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza in 2012; but until Israel’s recent attack they had killed not a single Israeli, though they did wound a few last March when fighting between Palestinians and Israelis escalated.) Gaza is a threat to Israel the way the Transkei Bantustan was a threat to Apartheid South Africa. As for genuine asymmetrical threats from Gaza to Israel, they could be dealt with by giving the Palestinians a state and ceasing the blockade imposed on them, or in the worst case scenario counter-terrorism targeted at terrorists rather than indiscriminate bombing campaigns.

9. Israeli hawks maintain that they were provoked into the attack. But actually Ahmad Jabari, the Hamas leader the Israelis assassinated earlier this week, had been engaged in talks with the Israelis about a truce [12]. Assassinations achieved by the ruse of openness to peace talks are guarantees of no further peace talks.

10. Although most American media is a cheering section for the Likud Party,in fact the world is increasingly done out with Israel’s aggressiveness [4]. Boycotts and sanctions will likely grow over time, leaving Israeli hawks with a deficit…

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Due to the failures of the United Nations, governments and the International community to fulfill their obligation to protect the besieged civilians of Gaza, and the apparent failure of ceasefire negotiations, we urge people of conscience to come to Gaza to act as human rights defenders against the wanton lethal attacks unleashed by Israel against the civilian population.

At this time, 139 people have been murdered, including 23 children. By the time you read this, the death toll will be higher. We call on all people of conscience to do what the UN and international governments are failing to do: break the siege on Gaza by entering in groups to act as human rights defenders. We will be entering Gaza as affinity groups and the groups will remain together for the duration of their stay. In Gaza, Palestinian human rights workers will coordinate our work.

We will collectively document and report on the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza and be present to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Through our efforts we will bring the reality of life in Gaza to our own communities. Activists have the option of forming groups or delegations in their home countries, or traveling to Egypt to join other human rights defenders there. Groups will enter Gaza via Rafah crossing.

To endorse this action and join us in breaking the siege, contact:
In Solidarity,
ISM Palestine

14th November 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Strip

Dear All. I am calling on all your support for the besieged people of the Gaza Strip.

Here in Gaza, more than 10 people have been killed so far in the Israeli operation named “Pillar of Defence” within the last 7 hours, including countless children such as 7-year-old child Ranan Arafat and an 11 month old baby. We’ve seen charred bodies of dead and injured children pouring in to Al Shifa hospital of Gaza City and the other depleted hospitals around the Gaza Strip. 50 airstrikes all over the Gaza Strip so far. Deafening explosions shook us all as bombs landed close to us in the streets near the Universities. Huge explosions are landing all around us in Gaza City now as I write, some entire families have been injured. We can also hear the shelling of Israeli Gunships. Announcement of possible Israeli land invasion very soon.

More than 330 children were killed in the last bloody operation like this in operation Cast Lead, killing over 1400 in total: the vast majority civilians. We are reporting from hospitals, streets and bombed areas. How many, terrified in there homes will have their lives shortened by tomorrow, or after the days of airstrikes, tank shellings and Gunship missiles Israel has announced. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. MOVE. ACT NOW TO STOP ANOTHER GAZA BLOODBATH. INACTION AROUND THE WORLD HAS LEAD US TO THIS POINT. ACT NOW.


Since the end of the monarchy in 1952 and Egypt being ruled by army officers, we don’t really elect them, or have the right the express our thoughts even about what they do, some time they ask us but apparently they just always deaf, they don’t hear, they think silence means consent, so they do whatever they want, that was for the past 60 years, so have this changed this time ? , since we made a revolution, shouldn’t this time be different ?
who CAN rule Egypt ?

1. He should be peaceful man, doesn’t even think of adjusting the peace treaty with Israel, support the peace in middle east,Africa
2. He should be a role model, so other countries would follow his lead in peace and acknowledging dividing Sudan
3.He should be commited man, commited to the international obligations, esp. freedom of navigation in Sues canal
4. He should be liberal, NOT social liberal which fight for people right to live in dignity, but new liberal, support the complete control of the businessmen US made them to help Egypt,we all know US is really good country
5. He should comply with anything US & Israel want, it doesn’t really matter if he islamist or not as long he’s friend of the states, keep the whold old regime as it is, corrupt judiciary system, corrupt disgusting media
that was the American president description for Egypt, we sholdn’t elect any one doesn’t fit the discriptions above
The SCAF constitution announcement
After the constitution announcement that was declared by SCAF yesterday,it doesn’t really matter who comes, or if he fits any of the qualifications above,

SCAF fits the discription very well, it already exist and doing everything US & Israel wants.
Nothing gonna happened now SCAF/US/Israel doesn’t want it to happened.
so who’s the president of egypt ? its Tantawy SCAF head
did it change since we made great revolution? yes of course but for worse, way much worse


the Great 18 day

In the first few days of the reformation movement,it wasn’t really revolution yet, it was really good, young people going on the streets, having some demands, insisting on them, just for few days

Then the whole egyptian people started to flow in too, having much bigger demand, just one Great demand “ the people want the regime down “ , then ONLY then the revolution started

Much bigger demand, much more pricy but actually was the only way to get any of the 7 demands; the regime ignored the young people demands, and the tyrant Mubarak said “ let them have fun”

When the revolution started, the vast majority of Egyptian were really happy, finally the dream that seemed impossible are coming true, much better than we expected, when I heared people saying that motto, felt ecstatic, may be it would seem weird to none Egyptian but we Egyptian were really in diaspora like jewish even those of us who die(not live) every day in Egypt, it never felt home, “its not ours, its thiers” said my parents, since I was a little kid over and over & over,we always dreamt to have this home some day, we didn’t to look for one, its already here, we just have to fight for it, we weren’t ready to pay the price and it really seemed fairy tale

for the first time I felt I have a home, MY HOME belongs to me, finally we get to do what WE want to do with it, living with dignity, lead healthy happy life, start to support our people at Gaza, being bombarded with bombs for years now, feeling safe, that wasn’t just me, it was all of us, we thought that if the army sided with it will be easy or easier revolution, but we were wrong

The “Big brothers” didn’t really like that, US & the Supreme council of army forces(SCAF), which was formed during the revolution, they had other plans


the fiasco/counter revolution

After the step down of Mubarak charade, we were over the moon, we never thought we could do it that fast, and we didn’t , it seemed as SCAF was really siding with us,

except some incidents, like the black Wednesday where the army didn’t really kill any one but they left people get killed by thugs were sent by the the regime, and except that one or two announce of former intelligence that the army still studying which side they should take,us or Mubarak, and they’ll decide in two days, before the two days are over the black Wednesday happened, it seemed they have decided to take our side; cause the vast majority of the army, officers and soldiers were really part of us, having the same struggles, hopes & dreams

So the Whole army seemed with us, they are except of the Mubarak generals which formed SCAF to try to keep their benefits, the imaginary benefits, they were stealing  for 30 years, they just acted they siding with revolution till they think of something,

They said and we believed them, and again we were wrong

the SCAF : the counter revolution ?

Every thing happened so smoothly or again seemed so,  after the Mubarak steeping down, everything seemed going so fast, dissmantling the parliament, dissmantling the criminal gang, spying organization  so-called National security, every thing seemed so prosperous, we thought we can have an easy revolution like our inspirational revolution the Tunisian revolution, we thought that the remains  of the regime ruled by SCAF is the part running the counter revolution

But again we were wrong, were not doing anything in that depressing movie but being wrong, damn it, but at least this time we partially wrong, this one is new, the regime which we thought falled apart-were wrong again- that is getting boring  & SCAF were part just part  of the counter revolution

the American embassy :

So ? what is the states or the american embbassy has to do with anything ?

Lets start from the beginning, lets get back awhile ago, actually a long time ago, where US ended the WW2, its along time ago but bear with me please, its worth it.

When US bombarded japan with two dirty bombs, not just  killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, but also killed the good, nice America no body remember now,or may you even shocked now to hear that US actually were good once

After that the world said good bye to nice America for ever, they started- the horrific regime of the states, – started from that base terrorizing every body with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, started their own agenda of dominating over every single strategic position in the world, and whats more important than the arab world, countries filled with treasures and its strategic position is worth more than all of it resources combined,

And to their luck, The great England Great is just sarcastic  did all the job and effort of implementing the cancerous entity so-called “ Israel”, American thought as long their country existed over Red indie dead bodies so Israel also have the right to exist on our dead body too, and its going to make the fortunes and much more power so why not support it as long England not a great country any more, the dirty bomb is.

So ever since the states has to do with every single disaster happened in the area

Israel National security

Is actually more important than US national security itself, Israel  want something, the only job US president, US army, US intelligence, US cats and dogs  make it happen,

The 51 state of America is just brat, murderous Nazi-like brat want the-1979 peace treaty to be respected then its an order to Obama and his alike of all European union countries, it doesn’t matter that this treaty is really putting our noses in the muds I don’t know if its actually an English expression but it means humiliation to worst degree in Egypt,

According to this treaty:

  1. we don’t really contol Saini 100 %, they don’t even have official borders.
  2. We don’t  have control over our economy; so they both US & Israel have it, they get wealthier, they feel safer; since we can’t build an strong economy then strong army which can defeat them, like 1973, in the other hand Israel get unlimited funding from US to attack as whenever seems appropriate to them,
  3. We don’t get to practice politics in Universities since the studens in the early seventies had a major rule for pushing for war to get Sainai back, parties which don’t get offical acknowledge, while they get to practice any kind of policy even the extremist win elections in Israel for several years now and no body really sieged them like Gaza or anything
  4. So to have control over a whole country u have to have dogs shares the same interest with u, exchanging benefit with them, give them power and money but neither to extant to defy u and let them do everything more than your wildest imagination
  5. ask them to terrify just terrify they will kill for u, steal million they steal billion, ask them to give u info that helps them insure their “Israel “ security, secure their grib over the country they don’t do that they not that bad after all everything has limits, they refuse infuriating then go form an organization that will be the official spy u don’t even dream of.
  6. Isolate Egypt from the Arab world, The Islamic world & Africa,to weaken Egypt of course  Form an army of thinkers,writers &journalists to brainwash people, make us feel and were not arabs were just Egyptian,pharaohs, but it didn’t work alot of honest thinkers, we owe them everything

After all this isn’t obvious that SCAF and the remains of the regime are not really running the counter revolution but US under zionist supervision, they wont just leave that mine to slip their fingers, its a dog fight

Palestinian prisoners started an open-ended hunger strike for some time now
due to the horrific treatment they perceive in the Israeli prisons.

The popular struggle coordination committee asking you to show solidarity and support for them,
take action now and sign the letter to Ehud Barak demanding ending of solitary confinement, right to family visit, ending harassments & abuse among other demands